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Quick Details

Single Kayak • Adult Ages 13+
Single Kayak • Child Ages 10-12
Tandem Kayak • 2 Adults Ages 13+
Tandem Kayak • 1 Adult & 1 Child Adult: Ages 13+ • Child: Ages 12 & Under


Outer Banks Kayak Adventures is excited to offer Bioluminescence and Full Moon Kayak Tours again this season! Join us for either a full moon tour or bioluminescence tour, depending on when you book and where the moon is within its cycle. Whether you visit during a dark night and see the bioluminescence at its brightest or schedule your tour during a full moon to see a sky full of stars, you’re sure to feel the magic of this incredible natural location.

Bioluminescence is a natural phenomenon where organisms produce light through a chemical reaction. Our nighttime kayak tours give you the perfect opportunity to experience the Outer Banks bioluminescence in the water.

This tour will start just after sunset, so we’ll begin kayaking in the twilight. Once it gets completely dark, you’ll be able to see the glowing organisms in the water. On clear and magical nights, we sometimes get to see shooting stars. This nighttime excursion is a bucket list kayak tour for sure!

When there’s a full moon, seeing the bioluminescence gets a little tricky. To see bioluminescence, we need it to be dark. Therefore, when there’s a full moon, we may not get to see the bioluminescence. But when this happens, we get to kayak under a beautiful star-filled sky and a bright and beautiful moon. So, if the thought of kayaking amongst the stars interests you, you’ll want to choose a date when the moon is at its peak. Every once in a while, mother nature gives us the gift of both. You get to see the bioluminescence as well as see the full moon rise. We try to time it just right on these days, so you get the best of both experiences.

Our Full Moon & Bioluminescence kayak tours are fun for the whole family but not suitable for young children. We kayak later at night and in complete darkness. In fairness to the other kayakers, crying children are an unwanted distraction. Please take this into consideration when booking your tour. The start time will change throughout the season, so if you make your reservation more than a month in advance, please check your email a day before your tour for your updated start time. *Please note: As with all outdoor activities, our kayak tours are subject to weather-related changes. We recommend making reservations early on in your vacation to move your tour to another date if needed. This is a warm-weather tour that we typically schedule mid-May through mid-September. Weather, wind, and water conditions are determining factors.

Which Kayak is Right for You and Your Group?

  • We recommend children 12 and under paddle in a tandem (double) kayak with an adult, but it’s not a requirement.
  • If your child is ages 10-12 years old and you’re super confident in their kayaking ability, you can request that your child paddle a single kayak (please do so only if you’re certain your child can paddle the entire trip). Only put a child in a single kayak, If you are confident they can paddle for 1 1/2 – 2 hours by themselves.
  • Unless requested otherwise, all children ages 12 and under will be placed in a tandem (double) kayak with an adult.

What to Bring

  • Plenty of water and a snack if you’d like
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, and/or a hat
  • A towel for after the tour (you’ll want to leave it in your car)
  • Shoes and clothing you don’t mind getting wet
  • You may also want to consider insect repellent, a rain jacket if it might rain, and a dry bag

Please Note

This tour requires a minimum of THREE ADULTS to run, if we do not receive enough bookings at the time you’ve requested, we will contact you to reschedule or refund your booking costs.